morning glory leaves

Vine with heart! Seen here the leaves of the ivy look to be heart shaped.

Interdependence between the lotus and the sun is a symbol of love.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is chanted by millions of people all over the world. I will explain what it means to chant this phrase and how it is done.

The Essence of Loving Starts with One Self

Relationship Analysis Tarot Reading and Oracle Reading - Sent in PDF with HD photos

A Jellyfish Taxi for a Loving Turtle

Picture of the Day: Turtle Riding A Jellyfish in this remarkable shot we see a toy turtle catching a ride on a jellyfish. Initially some thought it was a real turtle, but turtles are actually known to prey on jellyfish.

Dolphin Therapy | Stimulate the Brain Development in the Baby.

Dolphin kiss A pregnant woman in Peru attends a dolphin therapy session. The dolphin's high-frequency sounds are said to stimulate the fetus's brain in utero, thereby improving neuron development