Gardening Basics - Beginner Gardening Tips

Basic tips and ideas on how to create and maintain a garden. Beginner tips, tried and true garden techniques, plant varieties, easy to follow and affordable…
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10 Unexpected Garden Tips to Save Time & Money
Save both time and money in your garden by following these smart and simple tips. These suggestions will help you avoid regrets and create the garden you want.
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13 Old Fashioned Flowers: Classics That Never Go Out of Style
Enjoy this list of flowers that are easy to grow and have been handed down by flower gardeners for generations.
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Favorite Shade Loving Plants for the Front Porch
Finding plants that will look good in a shady spot can be challenging. Come see how I plant a large container on our front porch that always thrives in the shade as well, and some great tips regarding other shade loving plants with interest too.
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7 Gardening Rules of Thumb For New Plants
Learn about some of my favorite tricks and tips for growing and maintaining a successful garden. For over 40 years I have been using these ideas and you can too.
Hosta Companion Plants (What To Plant With Hostas) Companion Planting, Highlights, Shaded Garden, Inspiration, Shade Loving Shrubs, Best Perennials, Hosta Gardens, Shade Perennials
Hosta Companion Plants (What To Plant With Hostas)
Wondering which plants pair well with hostas in your garden? This is the ultimate list with the best companion plants to plant with hostas. Here are the best Landscaping Ideas For Hosta Companion Plants.
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Hardy Begonia: Begonia grandis
This shade loving perennial is a great plant that blooms late in the summer and into the fall when most other plants are dying back.
Collage of blooming flowers for the summer including coneflower, geranium, daisy, sage, and yarrow. Outdoor, Summer, Diy, Flowers Perennials, Long Blooming Perennials, Easy To Grow Flowers
Long Blooming Plants that are Easy to Grow
Here's a list of my favorite easy-to-grow perennial flowers that bloom for a long time making your garden look great from spring until fall.
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Scented Plants for Your Garden - 10 Easy to Grow Favorites
Fragrant plants including shrubs and perennial flowers are a must have for the garden. Not only are they beautiful, these scented plants can also be cut to create arrangements for inside the home.
different types of plants with purple and green leaves
Shade Loving Plants for Container Gardening
There are many options for planters that sit in the shade. Come see some of my favorite shade loving plants and how I plant my large container on our shady front porch.
purple flowers with green leaves and the words pulmonaria aka lungwot
Pulmonaria aka Lungwort - A Beautiful Perennial with a Funny Name
Have you planted any lungwort in the garden? Don’t be fooled by the strange name. This low-maintenance perennial loves the shade and comes in a large variety of colorful flowers and foliage.
two pictures showing different stages of growing and cooking with cilantro
How to Use Cilantro
Herbs are essential for all cooks and cilantro is one of the best. Check out some great tips about how to grow cilantro, how to cook with cilantro, harvest and preserve cilantro as well as a few of my favorite cilantro recipes.
small perennial plant ideas for the border
19+ Short Perennial Border Plants
This list of 19 shorter perennial plants are perfect for planting next to paths, walkways, and in the front of any border garden.
basil growing in a pot with the title how to grow basil tips, ideas and recipes
How to Grow and Use Basil
Growing basil is super easy. Whether you start from seed or pick up a few transplants you can easily grow it all season long and preserve some for the winter.
purple and white flower with green leaves in the foreground, close - up photo
How to Take Care of African Violets: An Easy to Grow Houseplant
Fuzzy green leaves and bountiful flowers mark this lovely houseplant. Learn about the history and care of this lovely plant you can grow indoors.
Collage of plants for Plants of the Year including angelonia, violets, philodendron and hosta. Organisations, Organic Gardening Tips, Seasonal Garden, Growing Hydrangeas
2024 Plants of the Year | Hearth and Vine
This year’s top picks from professional plant organizations are always great choices for the home and garden. Come see this year’s choices and add a few to your wish list.