sebastião salgado

Ladder, The Gold Mine, Serra Pelada, Brazil - Sebastiao Salgado (the Master of alla photographers) 1986 gelatin silver print

Sebastião Salgado

Kafue National Park, Zambia [elephant]

Kafue National Park, Zambia, 2010 by Sebastio Salgado - see this in his Genesis exhibition

— Sebastião Salgado

Sebastião Salgado, Marine iguana, Galápagos, Ecuador, Genesis Art Edition D.

Sebastião Salgado

Blinded by sandstorms and chronic eye infections, this woman is waiting for food distribution, Goundam region, Mali, Photo by Sebastiao Salgado. This photo shows so much sadness and pain.

by Sebastião Salgado

Sebastiao Salgado photography -- For so many people the only homelike warmth is charity blanket.

Sebastião Salgado

Sebastião Salgado, Chinstrap Penguins, Bailey Head, Deception Island Genesis series, the most wonderful place I have been

Sebastião Salgado

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