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I love this cat tree. Check out the kitty portal through the top of the wall. I like the cozy kitty cottage vibe of this setup. I thought this was a book shelf. Love it as a cat stand also.

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HeadStand-truly beautiful, perfectly straight line with her legs and I love how the lighting sets right on them, and a beautiful body and just great form while doing the handstand.

She is doing amazing yoga pose but love Her TATTOS!!!

love the strength both physically and mentally it takes to do this! so want to be able to do this! Also love her ink shes beautiful! I cant wait to get her both in my yoga practice and my ink!


Gathered here: the kinky, the flexible, the beautiful - the afterhours activities of private dancers. The Ballerina Bondage Fairies - appreciation society - was founded by Spankopera - and is ably assisted by: