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a young boy holding his head to his face with the words, any advice on talking to your child about grit?
Delectable Decadence
Травматичный опыт вызывает шквал трудных эмоций (страх, стыд, вина, гнев etc.), с которыми очень трудно совладать. Посредством бессознательных механизмов психологической защиты эти переживания вытесняются из сознания, становятся неосознанными и поэтому не имеющими возможности для выражения. Лишь в виде диффузной, иногда очень сильной тревоги и вспышек агрессии они регулярно напоминают о себе.
a woman with freckles on her face
Eva peeters Visagisten
Alf Kumalo's photos are known for their candid detail of apartheid's cruelties. #black #white #photography African American History, South Africa, Street Photography, South African, African American, Photographer, Great Pictures, Photojournalism, Black And White Photography
Alf Kumalo's photos are known for their candid detail of apartheid's cruelties. #black #white #photography
a man with his eyes closed standing in the mud
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
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two young children sitting on the ground with their mouths open
Everything Afghanistan
KABUL,AFGHANISTAN - SEPT. 12: Fatima and Nadia, both orphans living at the Shahad Nik Mohammed orphanage in Kabul, Afghanistan cry September 12,2002. The children only had tea to drink this morning because there was not even money for bread which costs about five cents a loaf. They are living in desperate conditions as this country struggles to rebuild itself. (Photo by Ami Vitale)
a close up of a child holding a teddy bear and looking at the camera with an angry look on her face
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VERDRIETIG - Door je emoties te uiten, laat je aan anderen zien hoe het met je gaat. >>> Ontdek spelenderwijs de taal van emoties. TIP's op
a man holding his hands to his face
Children of War and Poverty
♥ PAIN by PCP Photography Dance, Photo
.:: PAIN ::.
♥ PAIN by PCP Photography
a woman's eyes are covered by a black cloth covering her head and hood
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a young boy with tears on his face and eyeliners is looking at the camera
Gleyton Ladislau Pinto
by Gleyton Ladislau.......We must find a way to dry the childrens…
a woman with her hand on her face behind barbed wire
Tell your friends your family that these children could be our sons .. #ChildrenOfSyria #AssadWarCrimes #Syria #Syrian_Revolution