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Amazing Sculpture
by joe_lawrence_sculpture (Instagram) . #sculptures #ceramics #ceramicsculpture #sculptor #design #designer #art #artwork #artist
a bird feeder hanging from the side of a building next to a flower pot and tree
13/29 - les cloches
Au jardin
a ceramic llama planter with a small tree in it's back end
a wall that has many windows and doors on it
several white and blue buildings are on the wall next to each other with small windows
a green door with a potted plant on the ledge
Molyvos Yunanistan magnet
there are many blue and white decorations on the wall
a group of people hanging on the side of a wall next to a fish net
Boot Camp 🎮
two figurines floating in the water on top of a wooden box next to a peach
Sculpture – Michele Fabbricatore
a lamp that is shaped like a cat with flowers in it's mouth and lights up
a blue ceramic figurine with red horns on it's head and eyes
a blue ceramic horse with candles in it's mouth and some matches on the ground
InnDreamGallery - Etsy Israel
Inna Olshansky ceramic sculpture ceramic by InnDreamGallery
a model house under a glass dome on top of a wooden base in front of a gray wall
Thomas Doyle
a person is holding a small house on top of a ball with holes in it
two hands are holding forks over a miniature house with trees on it and the words farm written below
a pink and purple vase sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a door
a pink planter hanging from the side of a wall next to pictures on the wall
UfO wall hanging planter/decor
3D ufo wall hanging planter/ wall decor suitable for real or fake plants; designed with drainage holes and enough space for plant propagations, small succulents, and cacti. 12 in wingspan, modeled after the classic ufo shape. Split into several pieces that slide onto the back arch. Hole in arch covered by alien head cap cover. For easy removal of potted plants, I recommend glueing the UFO body together and leaving it free to slide on and off the back arch. Pieces: Top Bulbs Middle Bottom B
a white basket sitting on top of a shelf
three white and gray bags with rope handles on top of a wooden table next to each other
three small bags sitting next to each other on top of a white table with flowers in them
a hand holding up a small vase with flowers in it and a smiley face on the front
a flower in a vase sitting on top of a white table next to a book
three giraffes and two zebra statues are on a table next to flowers
a hand holding a yellow ceramic planter with blue lines on the legs and feet
an ornament hanging from a door with two figurines on top of it
a woman is working on a sculpture with a pencil in her hand and the statue has been made out of clay
a woman sitting on a table with a vase in the shape of a hippo
a ceramic figurine sitting on top of a book
three small cats sitting on top of each other in their hands with sprouts growing out of them
a mirror that is on the wall next to a potted plant and some plants
The Target Mirror That'll Make Any Room In Your Home Look Bigger
If you're set on improving everything from your dietary habits to your personal relationships in 2019, why not add on one more thing to start the year fresh all around? With some subtle home improvements, you can create a space that's inspiring and…
a cat shaped mirror sitting in the grass
a mirror with a woman's face on it and flowers in the reflection, against a white wall
a mirror with an owl's face on it
altreforme | New Luxury Home Furniture: High-End Aluminum Designs | altreforme
a woman's face painted on the side of a wall next to a mirror
a painting of a woman's face is shown in the mirror, with jewelry hanging from her ear
a woman's face painted on the side of a mirror with flowers in her hair
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four different pictures of a small figurine with blue hair
Girl with a Pearl Earring art doll
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a pink and yellow flower is attached to a green cord with a gold keychain
Keychains & Bag Accessories
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Ines Figaredo Shirley Leather Pillow Pocket
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a person upside down in a coffee cup
Cup no Fuchiko!
a ceramic bird figurine sitting on top of a coffee cup in front of a gray background
a pink pig figurine sitting on top of a cardboard box with the lid open
I Make These Magical Ceramic Animals
I Make These Magical Ceramic Animals
a person holding a ceramic fish mug in their hand