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Naruto and Sakura

People say narusaku fans enjoyed the CPR scene because they touched lips only. The truth is that we liked it because of what was going through Sakura's mind and the fact that she was giving her all to save Naruto. That's all for today folks!

Another NaruSaku Doujinshi P4 by LadyGT

Another NaruSaku Doujinshi Another NaruSaku Doujinshi Another NaruSaku Doujinshi Here Another NaruSaku Douji. Another NaruSaku Doujinshi

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“Because you could have loved me forever. And maybe in another universe, I let you.”   NaruSaku - Pt. 2

Narusaku: even though I ship naruhina I wouldn't mind seeing how it would have turned out with narusaku, food for thought