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Helviot Tavares
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that's a lot of 'bling' but it seems to work. like the purple pants.

necklace flair leather belt purple jeans grey worn tank No look would be complete without the right accessories check this one out

1976  I had such a crush on Paul Stanley.  I even had his barbie doll.

Paul Stanley (KISS), I went as Paul one yr for Halloween - I know, not that original! My guy that yr wanted us to go as a a 'women's sanitary product and it's box! I said no way! That was a short lived relationship!

Rod Stewart http://superseventies.tumblr.com/post/40505565078/designer-fashion-shopping-clothes-beauty-travel-jewelry

Glam Rock this fashion pushed gender boundaries and was big on the rock n roll scene. It was flashy and bright.

The Winged Hat man with Jerry Garcia, Woodstock Festival, 1969.

Paul Foster Walking During the Woodstock Music and Art Festival Lámina fotográfica de primera calidad por Bill Eppridge