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the keyboard has many different colored keys and numbers on it's side, including one for each letter
markery (@markeryjane) on X
My keyboard is good now
a woman sitting on top of a bed holding a guitar
songs that give you that fuzzy feeling
a woman holding a glass of wine in her hand
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— Garçom, que dose de mentira você tem? — Temos: Eu te amo, nunca vou te deixar, eu quero você comigo, sinto saudades e também temos uma que anda saindo bastante: “Pode confiar em mim”. — Ah… Manda todas que hoje eu quero me iludir. -Acumúlos
Skater Girls, Grunge, Skater Girl Outfits, Pose, Skater, Skater Aesthetic, Fit
@ instagram,, aidan gallagher.!!
an old book with writing on it and lots of calculations written in cursive ink
عبدالحكيم النقيدان on Twitter
an old black and white drawing shows the details of a computer screen with lines, circles, and shapes
Who needs to teleport when you have these things? - Science & Tech
Who needs to teleport when you have these things? - 9GAG
an open book sitting on top of a pile of rocks next to watercolor paints
Photo Journal: Into the Beguiling Wild
two people riding bikes down a road at sunset or dawn with trees and grass in the background
✩PINTEREST @manyaaryaa✩
a sign that reads astronomy hangs from the ceiling in a library with bookshelves
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