Luiz Henrique Pereira

Luiz Henrique Pereira

Luiz Henrique Pereira
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Sea Horses v2.5 by Darksilvania on DeviantArt

"greek suffix lithos meaning stone"] -Rock/Electric -The Amber pokemon -Ability: Static/Lightingrod - Sap Sipper(HA) -Dex: "This pokemons body is made from a mix o.

To rindo até agora

The Sans Squad is so great but I think we oughta take a moment to LOOK AT FELL'S FACE "I if u hurt my cinnamon roll you will die, capiche?" No probert robert but I might've a little more worried about the ~edgy leather jacket~ ya nerd

Partiu meus dois corações. ..

Thought I was finally getting over this but nope nope nope -- I will never get over this😭😭 10 and Rose, 11 and Amy♥