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Confraria de Arton

A full-color, exquisitely detailed map of the city of Katalál, the starting location of Jeff Dee& Béthorm: Plane of Tékumel RPG from UNIgames, by expert fantasy cartographer Alyssa .

An unfortunate victim of the Sundering.

An unfortunate victim of the Sundering.

Na casa sem teto, na chuva descoberto, na rua sem chinelo,  comer o que não tem, sem ninguém, más com o coração do bem!

Life - his dreams are very humble he does not seek much out of life at all. At sixty seven years he's on the street and homeless a Winter dawn is breaking cold and gray With long gray beard and looking thin and shabby he walks uptown as he does every day.

Village map (Gleamshore).

venatusmaps: “Welcome to the village of Gleamshore, home to a reclusive tribe of wood elves living between the Ancasta River and the Sunlit Wood.