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a sticker on the side of a car that says love is in the air
Despertar versus iluminar
Despertar versus iluminar
a black and white drawing of a mermaid with stars on it's tail, sitting in the water
an image of a piece of art that looks like it has waves drawn on it
Diy Home
stamp. This might be fun done with a section of, say an onion.
paper plates, scissors and other crafting supplies on a table
Штампы из фоамирана своими руками: делаем очаровательный принт на текстиле
four houses are shown with trees and leaves on the wall
winter street rubber stamps | house + tree stamps | hand carved stamps for diy christmas, winter crafts, card making, block printing
DIY: stamps
the process of making stationery cards is shown here
xilogravura de pobre
an envelope, stamp and some paper on a white surface with a drawstring bag next to it
DIY Stamp Village
DIY: stamp village ... easily make stamps for save the dates, place cards, thank you cards, etc.
three rubber stamps with cats on them sitting next to each other
Eraser carving stamps - cats
Eraser carving stamps - cats