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Lace bow hair accessories

Lace bow hair accessories pretty for decorating Easter Baskets, or making napkin rings for baby shower.

Cute sewing kit gift idea

FINO FELTRO - FORTALEZA CE e BRASÍLIA DF: Presentes Especiais - Porta Agulhas, Jogo da Velha e Chaveiro Goen: Really cute idea for in your purse, for the college or camp bound, first home, etc. Everyone should have the basic sewing essentials handy!

cute DIY owl

There is no way I am going to make these but they are so dang cute. Not an English post

Easter Cross

Felt Easter, Religious, Christian Cross Hair Clip Or Pin/Brooch Set.Order This Set or Choose Colors and Amounts. can be done with polymer clay


Поделки своими руками


Porta caneca gatinho


Coasters are wonderful to have at home and at the office not only to catch the condensation dripping out of cold glasses, but also as part of the decor. Make this Cute Fabric Kitten Coaster With Template --

The Cross Body Bag + The Hobo Bag

a super freaking easy way to create a bag Hey girls this is a good one ! Can make out of pretty tablecloths I'm thinkin ! Hobo bag or beach bag! NO SEW!

ARTE COM QUIANE - Paps,Moldes,E.V.A,Feltro,Costuras,Fofuchas 3D: 7 moldes de artesanato que vc precisa ter

7 moldes de artesanato que vc precisa ter