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Muay Thai Boran draw the line

Improve your Muay Thai workouts with better training routines and drills. List of Muay Thai exercises to take your fighting to the next level

Muay thai

I chose this picture of this guy getting kneed in the face because I love MMA. Sport put strategy, strength, endurance, and physical fitness all together.

sailor jerry style boxing gloves tattoos

Hey Little Fighter Things Will Get Brighter picture created by Kaitlyn Martin. Image tagged with: hey little fighter things will get brighter, hey little fight and was added on

As long as you keep going no one can stop you.

Crawling is Acceptable. Falling is Acceptable. Puking is Acceptable. Crying is Acceptable. Blood is Acceptable. Pain is Acceptable. QUITTING IS NOT. then a bit more, is a key element in gaining fitness

And don't relent, because your attacker won't stop until your dead

My hands are clenched into fist. I grit my teeth in pain." Tears stream down my face as I stare at my father in front of me. "How could you do this to your OWN DAUGHTER!" I scream in his face, showing him my bloody hands.