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Henrique Souza

Henrique Souza
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Earth and Moon From the eye of the camera in space we see the earth as a God Designed Space ship lighted by the Sun by Day and by the Reflected sun on the moons surface by night. It's awesome to think (Cool Places On Earth)

Algumas imagens são tão impressionantes que podemos distinguir cidades e paisagens.

Eurasia These Awesome pictures by NASA show our planet from space at night. These are not photoshopped nor are they computer generated – these are real pictures by NASA. Check out these cool and amazing aerial photos

O telescópio Hubble completou 25 anos. Aqui estão as 25 imagens mais lindas que ele já tirou (FOTOS)

A rose made of galaxies *This image of a pair of interacting galaxies called Arp 273 was released to celebrate the anniversary of the launch of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. Credit: NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)