[button button :) buttons made from plastic rings and fabric.] An updated version of the dorset button using fabric instead of thread.


DIY strawberries using felt with seed beads. NO instructions. For my craft kids

МК цветов из ткани / Цветы из ткани / PassionForum - мастер-классы по рукоделию

Шьём сами

MK colors of cloth / fabric Flowers / PassionForum - master classes in needlework

ARTE COM QUIANE - Paps,Moldes,E.V.A,Feltro,Costuras,Fofuchas 3D: pap florzinha de cetim:

pap florzinha de cetim

Her mother & her called them rolled roses! fabric flower step by step

7.14  Leather flowers tutorial - make leather flowers for a belt

Leather flowers tutorial - make leather flowers for a belt

Make a flower embellished leather belt with this leather flower tutorial step by step - Bildanleitung

Galinha peso de porta

Galinha peso de porta (I just gotta make this one. This rates in my top 10 of my things to do) cj Más


Como Fazer Fuxico de Coração


Girassol de fuxico

Girassol de fuxico