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Workstation for 2

Next Week’s Challenge….”Back to School” | The CSI Project

{Courtesy of BHG}'s that time of year again, back to school! Instead of dreading it and moaning and groaning about it this year, we thought…

diy sewing machine pin cushion tutorial

Sewing Machine Pin Cushion

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How to Make Your Own Machine Quilting Table | Hunker

If you are a quilter, then you know how important it is to have plenty of table room to support your fabric. Most sewing machines do not come with adequate table space. Large fold up tables can be placed on both sides of the quilting machine, or you can opt to make your own machine quilting table.

so easy to make craft table, use Expedit bookshelf (IKEA)

DIY Counter Height Craft Table - A Jennuine Life

I am so excited about this project! My husband noticed how much I had to bend over to cut on the dining room cutting table. It really put a kink in my back, especially when I’ve got lots of orders for my shop and I’m working every evening. This table was Dave’s grandparents from their {...Continue Reading}

learn how dry erase paint (yes, it's a thing) transformed an old desk into a modern whiteboard desk!

Dry Erase Painted Desk

Submitted by Add Some Paint This desk has been a huge project for Jeff and I. We bought it about a month ago from the Goodwill on “Half Off Saturday.” (The Goodwills here in

Sewing caddy for under sewing machine

Sewing Caddy and detachable Pincushion Tutorial

Make a super cute sewing mat caddy with a detachable pincushion that you can place in your belt or shirt to make sewing that much more enjoyable!

Unexpected Tools in Sewing Room - put a board behind foot pedal to stop the traveling pedal

Top 10 Unexpected Tools in My Sewing Room - Sonya Hamilton Designs

I recently noticed that my sewing room/work room holds an inordinate amount of random things that I use while working that I loosely call “tools”. Today I thought I’d share a glimpse of my sewing room and these “tools” both expected and unexpected. I might inspire you to use a few of them yourself…or you just might show me a much better option! 1. Painters Tape Every now and then

She Shall Be Called Woman: Sewing Ideas

Sewing Ideas

The idea of sewing brings to mind images of such beautiful, dainty and resourceful women sitting in their parlors wisely using quiet hours of the day to clothe their families. My reality of sewing is something more like a tornado has swept through my sewing room with patterns and fabric stretched all over the table, while the rest of the area is dotted with measuring tape, spools and bobbins of thread, and any other immediate sewing tool I might need. Our sewing season has not yet begun yet…

Great sewing setup, especially with the overhead lights and photography zone

Great sewing setup, especially with the overhead lights and photography zone

Never look for a ruler again. Add a measuring tape to your craft table. I need this on mine, good idea

Accent on Design

Imagine the Possibilities

DIY desk

Corner desk for Mom cave...

So I've been working on redoing my Mom cave for awhile. This is where I do most of my computer stuff as well as crafting and sewing. The ...

How To Make a Craft Table. Oh heavens I have finally found the perfect diy craft table. I can't wait to make it.

Have you ever wondered how to make a craft table? It's an easy DIY project that you can do with some simple bookcases and a tabletop.

Love this idea of attaching a power strip to your ironing board to get a longer reach for your iron.

Basic Sewing Tips

If you are learning to sew, I have several blog posts that take you through the steps. Your Sewing Machine introduces the parts of a sewing machine and teaches you to sew straight and zigzag stitches. Cleaning Your Machine covers machine maintenance. Sewing Pillowcases teaches how to make your fabric piece even, sew and trim seams, and make a hem. Sewing Pajamas teaches how to read the back of a pattern envelope, do basic fitting of pattern pieces, pin pattern pieces onto the fabric, and…

Tutorial on making an L-shaped desk using filing cabinets. Wouldn't make ours curvy, but has all the details for joining the 2 desk pieces I couldn't figure out myself!

Wraparound Desk Made From One Sheet of Plywood, 2 Filing Cabinets

Wraparound Desk Made From One Sheet of Plywood, 2 Filing Cabinets: Five years ago I wanted a desk. When I was a kid my mother made a desk out of an interior door and two filing cabinets. I already had one filing cabinet about 29 inches tall, so I bought another the same height and tried the desk out.It blew. It …

Sewing Room Cutting Table IKEA hack DIY

DIY Sewing Room Cutting Table IKEA Hack

Since my last few sewing room organization posts, I've received a lot of email questions about my cutting table. So today I thought I'd walk you through the details! Here's the basics: The table measures 31" wide, 63" long, and 34" tall and is made from 2 Kallax shelf units from IKEA, with a desk top surface (also from IKEA) attached to the top. There are also locking wheels underneath to allow me to move the cutting table if I need to. The wheels also help to add a little height to the…