Pra você piradinho ou piradinha em arroz com peixe cru.

As divertidas ilustrações de Chow Hon Lam

Tee Shirt Illustration - 2012 - Batch) by Chow Hon Lam, via Behance ------- It's titled "Summer Sushi".How adorable! Its kind of the illustration style I want to go into for my project.

Homer Simpson - Total Hangover

Hahahah mira que sexy 😂 😂 plot twist! That’s how I️ look shirtless 😱😱😱😂😂😂

Personagens da cultura pop são 'desmascarados' em ilustrações

Personagens da cultura pop são 'desmascarados' em ilustrações

Icons Unmasked - Alex Solis What an amazing collection of illustrations. All the different characters matching up is ace.


I thought it t-shirt design was really clever. I love the the different sizes of fish go around the whole shirt eating each other.

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Sweet Medicine: Wolf Medicine is TEACHER - I love my Wolf Guide! motivationsforlife: Aggression by Anne-Marie Kalus // Edited by.

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