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the instructions for joining two wires with a figure 8 knot are shown in black and white
Joining Wire - Crimps, Knots & Inline Strainers: - LSB
an electrical device with two wires connected to it and another wire attached to the pole
Fence Construction
Fence Construction
two views of the top view and bottom view of an object with wires attached to it
Working with High Tensile Fence Wire - Cooperative Extension: Livestock - University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Illustration showing side view and top view of a half hitch knot
a close up view of a metal chain link with grass in the backgroud
The No 8 wire attitude
"No 8 wire " - To us the term means innovation and creativity. Finding a practical solution for an immediate need. Utilising scarce resources with lateral thinking. Above all it is about delivering a solution that works.
four different types of rope and scissors with arrows pointing up to the side, vintage line drawing or engraving illustration
Fence Construction
Fence Resources - wire joining systems that work (NOT the one on the bottom)
a hand holding a metal barbwire with a knot on it
Fencing Like A Pro...Knot tying..Pulling wire tight and more!
the instructions for how to use wire cutters and pliers, including two different types of
Electric Fence
two people sitting on top of a hill next to trees and a fire pit in front of them
Space of Mind | Studio Puisto Architects
a tiny black house sitting on top of a lush green field
Base Cabin | studio edwards
an architectural drawing of a building on top of a hill
Gallery of Charred Cabin / DRAA - 15
a tall wooden structure sitting on top of a lush green field next to a forest
Gallery of Charred Cabin / DRAA - 1