Om sai ram

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a man sitting on top of a rock with his legs crossed and hands folded out
a painting of an old man with white hair and beards wearing a red hat
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the statue is surrounded by flowers and greenery in front of a large white buddha
Om sai ram
a statue of an old man wearing a white turban with red and blue stripes
the statue is dressed in pink and gold with beads around it's neck, sitting on an ornate chair
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an old man wearing a green and yellow hat
an old man with long hair and wearing a headdress
🙏 🙏 Sainaath
a white statue with flowers around it's neck
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an old man wearing a green turban with the words happy thursday great morning
a statue of a man wearing a purple outfit with chains around his neck and head
om sai namo namaha sri sai namo namaha jai jai sai namo namaha sadhguru sai namo namaha akhilanda koti brahmanda nayaka rajadhi raja yogi raja para brahma sri satchitananda samartha sathguru sri sainadh maharaj ki jai om sairam
a statue of an old man wearing a pink hat and beaded necklaces in front of gold decorations
an image of om sai ram with the words om sai ram written in white on a black background
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