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a black and white drawing of a male soccer player wearing a number four jersey with his hands in his pockets
credits to @jrbr_uri (twitter)
a drawing of a man with white hair giving the peace sign and holding his hand up
an anime character with short hair and no shirt is holding his hands out to the side
#ハイキュー!! HQ!!LOG - くんくんのイラスト - pixiv
HQ!!LOG [4]
a drawing of a man in a red jersey with his arms out to the side
two anime characters are posing for the camera
some anime characters with different hair colors
@M_M_0103 on twt
a man in black and white uniform jumping into the air
ナツ (@RodysanP) on X
an anime character with his mouth open and people in the stands behind him looking on
Bokuto Kotaro