Iago Gonçalves

Iago Gonçalves

Iago Gonçalves
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RamFire adventurous and loyal but extremely aggressive and is always pushing OakStar to take over more territory argumentative but has a soft side that only his closest friends and family know about he has no mate or Dragonets and is OakStar's Beta his power is to summon flames that cannot be put out unless he does and can burn through the toughest scales he is also completely fire proof and can light him self on fire

Well, now, I've had a pink Dragon rattling about in my head, begging to be included in this world.but I didn't know how anyone could take a PINK Dragon seriously. *Edit* This is Corunda, the pink Fire-dragoness

quem somos nós dentro dessa imensidão?                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

everyday we live is soo magical itself. we just got soo used to it that we forgot how it is so unlikely to live in the first place. we call it magic until we find an explanation for it

Spiral Galaxy

Let's find out your perception personality type through this image test. Artist, seeker, coach, idealist, commander or day dreamer ?>> pinning for the picture.