World War Robot Supreme Nom

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WWR Supreme Nom by It's a bit to The Gimp for me. Oh well… they'll release a toy I like again… eventually.

Conto Figueira – Fantastic earthy packaging for beautiful shirts.

I'm a sucker for illustrations! Packaging concept for Conto Figueira, Brazilian fashion brand, designed by Moio Coletivo.

KRAVE Jerky – Love the color and matte finish of the packaging.


photos via KRAVE Jerky KRAVE Jerky, THANK YOU for genius jerky! Krave all-natural jerky is moist, wholesome, tender, high quality mouthwatering jerky. KRAVE Jerky is offering one lucky winner one .

Simple and beautiful packaging redesign.

Before & After: Xango's Transition from Glass to PET

Xango transitions their bottles from glass to PET—more energy efficient to produce.

Crit* Just In Case – Simple and bold

Crit* Just In Case

Just in Case by Menosunocerouno If the year 2012 does bring the world to an end, Mexican branding company Menosunocerouno plan to face the apocalypse in style with a survival kit that includes chocolate and hard liqueur.

Love the label design and the logo for this simple Gordy’s Pickle Jar.

Love the label design and the logo for this simple Gordy’s Pickle Jar. (Could use scalloped edge for Salsa Bella)

Fantastic Self Promo concept and design.

Self Promotion: 100% Raw Talent

Self promotion: Raw Talent by Charlotte Olsen. She uses a chocolate bar to promote herself to employers

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