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Drum Stick Tattoo

Drum Stick Tattoo Here is the tattoo i got on my right forearm. I've been playing drums now for over 5 years, and they h

Snare Drum Art Pictures

2 session music Lettering new school drums micro armsleeve Tattoo 2 music drums tat

drums tattoo - Pesquisa Google

dude this in b&w would be lit

Getting this and putting Shannon's name on it along with the day he died.

with all the guitar tattoos, it's nice to see some sticks!

The Drummer

The Drummer - Tube Tattoo

I drew this out EXACTLY how I want it. I want a pair of black drumsticks wrapped in a banner that says 'Married To The Music'. This tattoo means, that by me playing the drums for the rest of my life, I will always in someway be married to the music, and that music will always be a part of me (well that's my interpretation). This is the best tattoo I've drawn so far. <3

Ribbon wrapped around drum sticks

Small snare design

Small snare design

La musica tambien esta en la piel!! #tattoo #tatuajes #TatuajesBuenosAires #bateria #musica #pierna #Buenos Aires

La musica tambien esta en la piel!! #tattoo #tatuajes #TatuajesBuenosAires #bateria #musica #pierna #Buenos Aires

Stick & drums...

Drums beat in the soldiers' ear, which wake them up.

a pretty painting thing of drums!! looks really good <3

Vintage Drums Painting by Pete Maier