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Step back in time with the iconic 1950s fashion for men. Discover the timeless style and sophistication of this era with our top ideas. Elevate your wardrobe and create a vintage-inspired look that will turn heads.
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1940s men's fashion for day, sport, or evening was styled to make a man feel "larger than life." During 1941-1945, WWII fabric rations limited cloth to make suits but not style. Middle class men chose basic business suits that haven’t changed dramatically since the beginning of the century. The notorious Zoot Suit with its bright

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While men's 1940s business attire moved toward formality, casual style went the opposite way. Ease and comfort blended the lighter business suit style with sports wear established in the previous decades. This merging resulted in sports coats instead of business suits, relaxed button up shirts in new colors, and an explosion of popularity in knitwear

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A mix of sport knits, button downs, and pullover shirts . Sport shirts were made of knit or pre-shrunk cotton and synthetic fabrics that washed and wore easily. “No iron” needed was a big selling point, mostly for house wives who were the primary purchasers of men’s shirts. 1950s Mens Clothing, 1950s Casual, 1950s Mens Fashion, 1950s Clothing, 1950s Mens, 1950s Outfits, Mode Costume, Design Moda, Look Retro

1950s men's fashion has returned to modern wardrobes this year. 1950s men's shirts in particular seem to always get the biggest revival. Dress shirts, button down casuals, polo shirts, even retro T-shirts all have their place both in the vintage retro market and in our current everyday fashion. There are many more styles beyond the classic

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