1970s disco aesthetic

Step back in time with these 1970s disco aesthetic ideas. Embrace the funky vibes and add a touch of nostalgic charm to your space with these top ideas.
29 Stunning Photos of Dancefloor Styles That Defined the '70s Disco Fashion ~ vintage everyday Hot Pants, 80s Fashion, 70s Fashion, 70s Fashion Disco, Disco Fashion, Disco Outfit, Disco Pants, 80s Disco, Disco Look

Disco looks began in the 1970s and was memorable for its hot pants look and Spandex tops. Shiny clinging Lycra stretch disco pants in hot strident shiny colors with stretch sequin bandeau tops were often adaptations of professional modern dance wear that found itself making an impact in discos as disco dancing became serious. Gold lame, leopard skin and stretch halter jumpsuits and white clothes that glowed in Ultraviolet lights captured the '70s Disco fashion perfectly. These stunning…

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