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Explore the top 10 must-have 2000 toys for collectors and enthusiasts. Discover rare and nostalgic toys that will bring back childhood memories and add value to your collection.
Elefun! - I remember this on TV when I was a kid << Hardest. Game. Ever. Kids, Kid, Game, Best, Tv, Remember, Cool Watches

Seriously, I loved this game as a kid. And I'd forgotten about it until just the other day at Tarjay, I saw it! It was on sale for $4.99. I couldn't pass it up. So I took it home and Emily and I have been playing it ever since! It's super easy for her to grasp the idea of one bean at a time and we take turns. At first when it would spill out she would be all bummed and pout for a second. But now she gets it, and she even tilts the bucket when I'm not looking to make them spill on my side…

Hannah clemons
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Do you remember the excitement of unwrapping a new toy or getting a superhero gift on Christmas Day or for your birthday? Now imagine if the Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Disney princess, or Barbie you were looking forward to ended up being a knock-off. How disappointing.While knock-offs are usually much cheaper, they aren’t quite like the real thing and they can make you wonder what the designer was thinking. To be honest, we’re not sure how some of these items even got the go ahead to get…

Belinda Lee