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Explore the captivating world of 2D art and get inspired by the top ideas. Transform your space with stunning paintings, drawings, and illustrations that showcase the beauty of 2D art.
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After nearly a decade of teaching secondary students, I've had a lot of time to test out a variety of 2d art projects. Let's face it: as teachers, sometimes we plan and plan and plan. We are so excited to deliver the project, and then... it flops. Students are uninterested and the final products aren't

Liv Ross
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Art direction is something I think as game artists me and every other student on my course are greatly interested in. The creative process of video games comes across as a very unique environment that branches into other mediums such as film and traditional artistry but again holds an exclusive outcome. Concepts are churned out by the art team following a brief or description that is given through the Art Directors who keep the team on the right path. Artists will typically do tons of work…

Paul Teuma

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