3rd grade classroom expectations

Set clear expectations for behavior and academic performance in your 3rd grade classroom. Learn how to foster a positive learning environment and promote student success with these helpful tips.
Use anchor charts to give clear classroom expectations like this one for what to do when you're finished with an assignment! Having basic classroom procedures in place means fewer interruptions when teachers are working with kids, better organization, and lower stress overall! We asked veteran 2nd grade teachers to share their favorite classroom procedures and we got hundreds of fantastic tips! Ketchup = tasks students need to catch up on, whether it’s with the teacher, a para, or on their ow Behavior Anchor Charts Management, Catch Up Work Classroom, 3rd Grade Classroom Expectations, Classroom Library Expectations Anchor Chart, Classroom Expectations Elementary Anchor Chart, Teacher Expectations For Students, 2nd Grade Expectations, 2nd Grade Classroom Jobs, Bathroom Procedures Elementary

We asked veteran teachers to share their favorite 2nd grade classroom procedures and we got hundreds of fantastic tips!

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Do you plan on teaching the basic procedures of your classroom during the first few weeks of school? Check out this post to read about 10 must teach procedures.

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