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Stay warm and stylish on your 5-day winter trip with this essential packing list. Discover everything you need to stay cozy and make the most of your adventure.
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Even though most of the country is in a warming trend and starting to see glimpses of Spring, just a week ago much of the Midwest was still in an arctic freeze. So imagine my nerves as we headed out to Chicago, Wisconsin and Missouri to visit family. I was prepared (and kind of excited) …

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Winter packing for Europe travel is the most confusing thing. You can not do this entire packing without any external help. The exact list of things that you need for your travel to Europe is given where you can compare and check what all you need to take along with you.

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Worried you'll forget to pack something? Our interactive packing list will help you with that! Find tips to prevent overpacking too here!

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Continuing the tradition from last year, I thought it would be fun to share your favorite blog posts from 2016. It looks like packing lists are still pretty popular, with a few other types sprinkled in as well. I feel like I finally figured out a good routine, but am always striving to evolve and change the blog, just as I do in my personal life. Last year was one with a lot of growth and the continued evolution of Hej Doll. I'm starting to learn better about what creating content for this…

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