500 sq ft house

Discover creative and practical ideas to maximize space in your 500 sq ft house. Make the most of every square foot with these design tips and storage solutions.
500sq ft house in Vancouver BC Canada, designed by Smallworks Studios/ Laneway Designs. The home features a loft bedroom, kitchen, living area with a balcony and even a garage. Solar panels could be easily added to the flat roof, or even a living roof. 500 Sq Ft House, Small House Design Architecture, Tiny Mobile House, Small Cottage House Plans, Patio Grande, Small Cottage Homes, Modern Small House Design, Interior Design School, Large Backyard

Meet Brendon and Akua who built a 500-square-foot small house in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The home was designed and constructed with the help of Smallworks Studios / Laneway Housing in Vancouver. A while back we

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