African house

Transform your home with African-inspired decor. Discover unique and inspiring ideas to infuse the rich culture and vibrant colors of Africa into your house.
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The glories of African architecture are often shamefully overlooked. Sadly, this is a symptom of a larger problem overall, where the rich diversity and culture of the African continent is largely glossed over in international media. Most reporting from the continent focuses only on issues that reinforce negative stereotypes – those of poverty, disease and war.

Rebecca Hinson
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In recent years, women architects have gained more influence in their field, developing innovative approaches to practice and design. They are using local materials and techniques to design and deliver buildings for longevity. Some are facing challenges since non-designers often build their own homes, shops, schools, and other structures. So, they need to show that their innovative approaches will improve people’s lifestyle, helping urban areas develop cohesively and sustainably.