Air popped popcorn

Discover tasty and nutritious ways to enjoy air popped popcorn. Get inspired with top ideas to spice up your popcorn and satisfy your snack cravings.

Learn how to make healthy air popped popcorn on the stovetop or in the microwave. A natural popcorn recipe with no artificial flavors!

Mandy May
Spritz air popped corn with olive oil to get salt to stick. Snacks, Pop, Popcorn, Air Popper Popcorn, Air Popped Popcorn, Air Popcorn Maker, Popcorn Seasoning, Hot Air Popcorn Popper, Popcorn Maker

Q: In effort to reduce fat, I recently purchased a hot air pop corn popper. It works wonderfully. However, it is impossible to get any seasoning to stick to the popped corn.Any suggestions?Sent by MikeEditor: Mike, we’ve found that even just a tablespoon of olive oil, tossed with popcorn, can help make seasonings and salt stick to the popcorn better.

Tight Writer

5 healthier popcorn mix-ins for a fun and delicious snack: peanut butter popcorn, garlic bread popcorn, apple cinnamon popcorn, s'mores popcorn and smoky BBQ popcorn.

Hayley O'Hagan