Albanian tattoo

Explore a collection of unique Albanian tattoo designs that capture the essence of Albanian culture. Find inspiration for your next tattoo and showcase your pride in your heritage.
Advertisement for a Farini exhibition in London starring Captain Costentenus, a “Greek Albanian! Tattooed from head to foot in Chinese Tartary, as punishment for engaging in rebellion against the King”. From the collection of Wellcome Library, London. Frame not included (but there is a black border around the print.) Vintage, Tattoos, Filipino, Man, Filipino Tattoos, Royal, Rachel Dawson, Vintage Art Prints, Art Collection

Step into the intriguing world of a historical advertisement promoting a Farini exhibition in London. The spotlight shines on Captain Costentenus, an enigmatic figure hailed as a "Greek Albanian!" The ad proudly boasts that he is entirely tattooed from head to foot, the intricate designs etched upon his skin as a punishment for his involvement in a rebellion against the King. This fascinating piece hails from the esteemed collection of the Wellcome Library in London.While the frame is not…

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