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Discover the softness and sustainability of alpaca yarn for your knitting and crocheting projects. Explore a wide range of colors and weights to create warm and luxurious garments and accessories.
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Wool is a very widespread material. There are more than 200 different sheep types exists around the world. In the wool industry you measure the wool in three main different categories: thickness (measured in microns) lenghts color More the wool fibers are thin, more the wool is soft and cozy. Merino which is a very thin wool (18 - 21 microns) is largely used in appeal wear. But Merino wool is hardly used in the footwear wool industry. There is a lot of friction and the shoe would run out in…

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Patterns with texture nearly always catch my eye, and this is one of them, well two of them! I made both the Wanderlust Scarf and the Wanderlust Beanie out of Paca Paints Alpaca Yarn by The Alpaca Yarn Company. This wonderful yarn is a DK weight yarn and as the name suggests, it's hand painted,

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This article is a part of Yarn 101 series ⟶ Types of Yarn. ◉ Source of these fibers are domesticated animals, such as goats, sheep, camelids or rabbits. In this category you will find yarn such as wool, cashmere, angora, mohair, silk and more. These fibers are much more elastic and warm than plant-sourced yarns.

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If you find yourself with a skein (or ten) of gorgeous alpaca yarn, consider yourself lucky. Not only is it typically harder to come by than run-of-the-mill sheep's wool, but it's considerably more luxurious. Alpaca wool is anecdotally softer and cozier than even mohair or merino, but, naturally, the quality of the yarn makes all the difference. You may be wondering what to make with alpaca yarn, fearing wasting such precious (and expensive) yarn. The answer is: anything you would make with…