American bobtail cat

Learn all about the American Bobtail cat breed, known for their unique charm and playful personality. Find out why they make great companions and how to care for them.
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BrambleClaw, 18 moons old, Tom, mother is MistyRiver, father is EagleStar, siblings are AshFur, EagleClaw & OceanKit, Very quiet a lot, can fight very well, Kits are CloudKit, SnowKit & RiverKit, His mate is SnowFur, he's going back to NightClan... Lynx, Dog Cat, Cat Breeds, American Bobtail Cat, Domestic Cat, All Cat Breeds, Domestic Cat Breeds, Cats And Kittens, Bobtail Cat

In spite of their reputations as land lovers and lap loungers, some cat breeds truly enjoy water activity, ranging from pawing water from bowls, drinking from a dripping faucet, joining you in the shower to even doing a few laps in the pool. Vetstreet spotlights a handful of felines who love to make a splash — […]

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