Ankle surgery recovery tips

Maximize your recovery from ankle surgery with these valuable tips. Discover how to reduce pain, improve mobility, and get back on your feet faster.
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My surgery recovery earlier this year was the first I’ve had in 5 years I had several months to prepare for it, which made my overall recovery easier. Unfortunately, I am a surgery pro, which is why I’ve pulled together a list of 15 things to do to make your recovery go smoothly. I hope that these tips for recovering from surgery help you, too!

Cherie Rokke
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Here's the story: 11 days ago, I had surgery on my ankle. So for the past 11 days, I've been 99% stuck at home, spending most of my time trying to arrange my pillows in a way that keeps my foot up and my laptop usable. (My neck and shoulders aren't on speaking terms with me right now... but they sure haven't been quiet.) To fill some of the time, I figured I'd compile the things I've learned from the experience, and share my take on how to prepare for ankle surgery. It all started with a…

Mandee Conant