Anti candida diet

Discover the benefits of an anti candida diet and how it can improve your overall health. Explore top ideas and recipes to help you follow a successful anti candida diet and achieve optimal well-being.
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An entire world exists inside the lining of your digestive tract. Two of the primary microorganisms that live there are probiotics and a yeast called Candida. God created us so that there is a perfect balance between these microbes so they live harmoniously in our guts. Unfortunately, there are many products in our foods that

Holly Mayhew-Bull
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I get a lot of questions on my instagram @adios_candida about the cleanse/detox phase of a candida diet, AKA the hardest part! Some common things I hear: Why does my head hurt so bad? ** I feel like I have the flu! ** I have NO energy. ** I keep crying. ** I had no idea I would feel this lousy! ** Aren’t I supposed to feel amazing? ** All I want is to eat sugar & carbs! ** Will this really work? Let me assure you… this is all completely normal. That said, these feelings should all

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