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Apple Maps just added bike-sharing data for 175 cities Apps, Barcelona Museum, Cities, Barceloneta, Areas, Roadmap, Gps, City, La Barceloneta

An Apple Maps feature went live today with bike-sharing data for more than 175 cities in 36 countries. The list of supported bike services in each city isn’t comprehensive, but Apple may add more in the future. For instance, the two shared bikes I see most in my San Francisco neighborhood are Ford Go Bikes … Continue reading “Apple Maps just added bike-sharing data for 175 cities”

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The Maps app is often overlooked by iPhone users who prefer to use third-party navigation apps. However, it has undergone many changes in the past few updates, and iOS 16 added some changes that may make it your favorite navigation app. One of the newest changes to the Maps app is the ability to add multiple stops along your driving routes. We'll show you how!

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