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Enhance the ambiance of your home with aromatic aroma beads. Discover top ideas to infuse your living space with refreshing scents and create a cozy atmosphere. (100 Design Optional)MUBYOK M02 Four Circle Silicone Freshie Mold for Baking Aroma Beads Car Freshie Supplies : Home & Kitchen Art, Diy Crafts, Cricket, Aroma Beads, Freshener Diy, Diy Air Freshener, Diy Epoxy, Car Air Freshener Diy, Candle Making

About this item [Thick Silicone Making Mold]: Every molds is 1 inch deep.Made of silicone, non- toxic, non-smell and BPA free. This freshie mold is safe to use in oven, microwave oven and freezer and can withstand up to 400 degrees. They are going to last for a long time in your mold library! [Easy to release than metal mold]: the surface of Silicone molds are smooth and which allows goods to release easily. [More details than metal molds]: MUBYOK have created lots of designs molds with…

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Aroma beads are super fun and versatile. You can make dozens of different scented items with aroma beads, such as car air fresheners, scented sachets, smelly jelly jars and so much more! Before you can start making any of these projects, though, you’ll need to add fragrance to your aroma beads. Below, learn how to add scent to aroma beads in four easy steps so you can start creating all these fun projects.

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$38 plus shipping at If you find that when you open your beads that your beads smell like glue to you, AIR OUT YOUR BEADS BEFORE USING. UNSCENTED AROMA BEADS. These can be used to make Aroma Bead Air Fresheners and/or used in Sachet Bags. Fragrance Oil can be added to scent the beads. Dye, Mica powder or Pigment Powder can be added for color. When first opening your bag of beads, there may be a light odor. If you find that when you open your beads that your beads smell…

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A great alternative to burning candles! These beads absorb up to 30% oil and last longer than water based bead air fresheners. Aroma Beads are easy to make and will not shrink or grow mold. I really like them in my car, as a decorative accent to silk flower arrangements, inside a lace sachet, in drawers or closets or anywhere that accumulates stale air. Use with our liquid candle dyes and fragrances oils.

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Cotton Candy Premium Scented Aroma Beads This item may be ordered in 8 oz or 1 lb. All Scented Aroma Bead orders are prepared when the order is received to assure the freshest product, with a longer lasting scent. Please allow up to 3 days, depending on fragrance, for curing of your scented beads. Our Aroma Beads are PREMIUM small clear plastic poly beads used with fragrance oil to make air fresheners. These are scented aroma beads. Simply add liquid candle dye for color or select your…

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