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It's 6:00 in the morning and something has come up! You have to call off work. The stress starts mounting.... what are my students going to work on today?! What easy materials can I have them use?! How will the sub know what to deliver?! Ahh! Hath no fear! Below are 10 straightforward, ready-made sub

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DISCLAIMER: I am offering these lessons, handouts and videos to you for free. PLEASE do not take my lessons and sell them. Because that would be super crappy of you (yes, someone is doing this. Yes, they are super crappy). Thank you. Going to NAEA in Boston next week? Need some sub plans? Y'all, I got you COVERED! Today I'm sharing my favorite VIDEO sub plans and my tips and tricks to planning for being out. There's nothing like the amount of WORK you gotta do just to take some time off. I'm…

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If you're searching for a creative and engaging activity that will captivate both kids and adults alike, look no further than printable mystery grid drawing worksheets. These unique resources offer a fun twist on traditional art projects, providing an engaging way to develop fine motor skills and unleash creativity. With a variety of subjects to choose from, including animals, landscapes, and vehicles, these worksheets offer an exceptional opportunity to bring out the artist within.

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In my three years of teaching I'm yet to have a sick day (now that I've written that I will probably be bound to my bed with some sort of ailment tomorrow or next week during Spring Break). Sure, I've had subs, but conveniently for me I've always been able to plan out lessons in advance. As all teachers know--SUB PLANS WILL BE THE DEATH OF YOU. When I start to write them I always ask myself, "Do I really have to be gone, this is just too much work!" And then I have to think about "will my…

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Do you enjoy Pop Art? Take a look at our pop art worksheet! This worksheet is a great resource for anybody interested in learning about and having fun with the well-known art movement. Pop Art is bound to capture creative minds with its strong themes and vivid hues. Prepare to explore the worlds of Warhol, Lichtenstein, and other well-known Pop Artists as you study their works and investigate the ideas that underpin this well-known art movement. Have fun and let your imagination run wild…

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Below are listed some great resources for sub plans. When I have to be out, I usually leave "pencil/paper" assignments for the students. I learned the hard way that a guest teacher will have difficulty managing any other art materials and that students (especially middle school students) have a tendency to show their more, (ahem!) destructive sides. I love to show the "Who Is the Artist" interactive videos as well as leave a drawing assignment. My favorites are these "mystery grid" puzzle…

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