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Egypt, Thebes 3rd Intermediate Period, late Dynasty 21 Gessoed and painted sycamore Cleveland Museum of Art This is one of the finest examples of painted wooden coffins made for the priests of Amen and their families at Thebes during Dynasty 21 and early 22. The pharaohs of this time were no longer buried in the Valley of the Kings, but instead built tombs in the Delta, far to the north, where they resided. Security was lax in the Theban necropolis. The coffins and funerary goods of the…

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The oldest objects in the Abegg Collection are from Egypt and the Ancient Near East. They date from the 6th millennium to the 3rd century BCE. Especially striking is the wealth of different forms of the finely crafted vessels and figures made of precious materials used in a cultic or ritual context.

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The lessons of the past aren’t just written in history books and brittle, yellowing scrolls—they’re also worked into the art and architecture we appreciate, whether it’s in our beloved museums, protected sites in the Great Outdoors, or splendidly photographed and posted on our favorite social network.

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sixpenceee: “16th century ring that unfolds into an astronomical sphereThis is called an armillary sphere ring ” Bijoux, 16th Century, Rings, Ringe, Ring, Artifacts, Jewels, Diamond, Sphere

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