Asd classroom

Discover creative ideas for designing an ASD classroom that promotes a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Create a space that fosters growth and development for students with autism spectrum disorder.
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I’m back to talk more about independent work stations. I don’t know if you’ve realized, but I’m basically obsessed with them. I think I’ve written about independent work stations at least a half dozen times on this blog if not more! I love them because not only do they provide an opportunity to teach students ... Read More about 5 Mistakes you are Making in your Independent Work Stations

Alicia Young
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A few weeks ago I posted this little picture on my Instagram. You might have seen it. A student of mine desperately needed a visual schedule on her desk and I (being a lover of all things providing closure such as check marks), created this tabbed schedule so she could easily close the tasks as they …

Sarah DeBusk