Author branding

Build a strong author brand that sets you apart from the competition. Discover proven strategies to enhance your visibility, connect with readers, and boost book sales.
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Now that you know you need an author website, let's talk content. There are four pages that are necessary for an essential author website: Home, About, Books, and Contact Before we get into the key components of each page, a few general comments: Design As we discussed in my last post, a clean organized design, visually appealing without being distracting, is your best friend. Keep your navigation simple and avoid fancy page tabs. Have your page tabs or menus clear and concise e.g. “Home…

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Writing a book is hard enough. Then comes selling it. And it’s not enough to market the work—you must also market yourself as an author. Why? Because people buy from whom they know, like, and trust! So, how do you make yourself stand out in a sea of authors? The answer is branding—the unique combination […]

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