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Tulkun are a large, intelligent marine species native to the oceans of Pandora. Tulkun are highly intelligent creatures with their own unique philosophy. Ian Garvin mentions they are likely smarter than humans, as well as being more "spiritual" and "emotional". However, this intelligence can only be expressed in its own unique way, similar to whales.[2] This intelligence has allowed the tulkun to form a culture among themselves, including the establishment of the Tulkun Way, an ancient…

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I liked the creatures on the movie Avatar, so I made a subspecies of the Thanator for fun. I did not work on the movie. The Eastern Saber Tooth Thanator, is a bit smaller then its cousin the Great Thanaro, but a bit more aggressive and more poisonous. Being smaller means he has to fight harder for competition of survival in Pandora. 2013

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