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How do I keep my baby occupied all day? I asked myself what to do with a baby about a million times during the 9 months leading up to my firstborn's

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Many claim that the Chinese birth chart is over ninety percent accurate as tested by many people over the years. There are, however, different ways by which others deem it to be more accurate.

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Have you been noticing that more and more moms are starting a blog? Whether you’re scrolling Facebook or the Pinterest feed, you’re seeing regular moms like you with a blog. But blogging is more than writing a post. It’s developing a strategy so that everything you are doing right now can grow your blog down […]

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The first birthday… for many it’s akin to a mini wedding. I didn’t go as far as that (although we did have nearly as many guests), but I definitely wanted our girl’s first party to be classy and special while still reflecting the “funness” of being a child. The whole swan theme kind of just …

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