Baby routines

Discover the best baby routines to establish a predictable schedule for your little one. Simplify your day and create a nurturing environment for your baby with these helpful ideas.
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Now that we have a 6-month-old and a 2-year-old, our routine is pretty well established and works great for the whole family! If you are curious about what a typical day in the life looks like for us with a toddler and a baby, feel free to stick around and find out!

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Baby Sleep Schedule - Sleep Duration, Nap Time, Awake Time | Tealbee Montessori, Parenting Tips, Adoption, Parents, Baby Sleep Schedule, Baby Care Tips, Baby Life Hacks, Baby Schedule, Baby Planning

As soon as the baby is born, we all want our babies to sleep well. Yet, so many moms and dads are struggling with putting the baby to sleep. Why is that? Something that comes so naturally for adults, why does it seem so difficult with babies? Without really understanding baby's sleep cycle or their natural development stage, it is really difficult to know how to let them sleep well. And based on the baby's age and development, their sleep needs constantly change. The chart below explains…

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