Baby sonogram

Celebrate the precious moments of your pregnancy journey with these adorable baby sonogram ideas. Capture the first glimpse of your little one and create lasting memories.
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The following is an article from Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader If you have kids, there’s a good chance that the very first time you laid eyes on them was via a “sonogram” image taken before they were even born. The grainy images are so common that they’ve become a rite of passage for parents all over the world. Here’s the [...]

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Capture the moment when "One Heartbeat Changed Our Lives Forever" with this heartfelt ultrasound picture frame. Share the joy of your pregnancy announcement or gift a loved one with this sentimental keepsake. Crafted with a modern aesthetic, this frame can hold your sonogram (ultrasound) picture or any 4x3 photo, making it the perfect way to remember that special moment of seeing your baby and/or hearing your baby's heartbeat. We designed this frame during our own pregnancy journey…

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