Back leg tattoos

Explore a collection of unique and stylish back leg tattoo designs that will make a statement. Get inspired and find the perfect design that suits your personality and style.
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A tattoo is an inked symbol on your skin, meant to last forever. Suppose you’re considering getting a leg tattoo. In that case, you might find it interesting that leg tattoos signified social status in ancient Egypt and Rome. In Samoa traditions, however, getting tattooed was a sign of bravery. That’s because those who wanted to get them done had to handle incredible levels of pain. Now, if you go for a leg sleeve tattoo, you must also consider your pain tolerance level.

Ingrid Richter
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Getting a truly unique and meaningful tattoo that also looks incredible can be really hard. In the sea of interesting tattoos that almost every single person gets, finding that one hidden, unique gem can feel like discovering a new continent. One of those hidden, secret tattoo design gems is the Medusa tattoo design.