Bad clients

Learn how to effectively handle difficult clients and maintain a positive working relationship. Discover strategies to overcome challenges and create a smoother client experience.
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We try to help people, right? Sometimes it just doesn't work out, despite our best intentions. On this episode of The Kate Show, I'm sharing why you might be attracting bad clients unknowingly, the red flags you should watch for when entertaining a new prospect, and how to handle them when they slip

Ebony Robin
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As dreamy as it would be to only ever work with clients we love, we know that isn’t always the case. There are even the few that put on a good front and seem like they’ll be a really great fit, but something goes astray during the relationship. It could be an issue as simple as miscommunication, los

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If you work in advertising, you know what it's like when a bad client comes along. Thankfully, the staff of Coplex (formerly Ciplex) have been observing a variety of clients in their native habitats for some time now, and they've come up with a handy field guide on how to approach this temperamental species.

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